Monday, September 30, 2013

Play is needed for creativity...

For the past 4 days, I've been on vacation.  Actually it was more like a "Cele-cation" because I was celebrating my 40th birthday and my husband and I were celebrating 14 wonderful years of marriage.

The two of us have always wanted to do a trip to New York, where we saw as many shows as possible and so that's what we've done.  Our goal was to see 4 shows in 3 days.

Arriving at JFK from Raleigh on Thursday morning, we started our cele-cation off with our top choice show, The Book of Mormon. Then on Friday we went to TKTS and were able to get discounted tickets to Pippin for that night at Once for Saturday matinee.  That made 3 shows and we'd planned to see Sleep No More on Saturday night, but they were sold out.  Thinking we wouldn't reach out goal, we happened to be passing the Gershwin where Wicked is playing, just minutes before the front row lottery was going to start. We put our names in and hoped for the best.  We'd met a couple from NJ while we were waiting in line and made an agreement that if my name and my husbands name got selected, they could have 2 of the 4 tickets we'd have and they agreed to do the same for us.  Unfortunately neither my name nor my husband's name was called out, but luckily both the husband and wife from NJ got tickets (2 each), we paid them for the 2 extra and saw Wicked at 8pm, in the front row.


We'd seen 4 shows in 3 days and the next day my husband had to fly home to be with our son & foster son.  I'm still in the city for work and will return home on Wednesday (leaving the hotel at 530a, for an 8a flight, driving directly to work, then driving to meet my boys at church for Wednesday night programs and THEN FINALLY driving to my house and then returning HOME).

All of that is to say, I've had zero opportunity to create my video since I've been on cele-cation all week. However now that I've had all this fun, relaxation and exposure to theater, I'm sure it will inspire greatness when I do get my video done over the weekend (10/5-10/6).

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