Monday, September 23, 2013


I'm really struggling with this week's assignment and don't see how I'm going to have it completed by Tuesday.
The assignment is to select an issue related to new-media that we've talked about in class over the past 3 weeks AND which I am passionate about. Therein lies one of my problems... I'm not passionate about new-media... it's there when I need it and that's it.
I've tried to explore how my passions are related to or impacted by new-media AND then to try to find images that would allow me to put together my composition, but the two attempts I've made have not worked out at all.
My passions are (in no particular order)...
My Family
Child Advocacy (I'm a Guardian ad Litem & Foster Parent)
Organization & Efficiency
My first attempt to was to do an image composition of the family dinner, showing images of the past moving to the present and so I started collecting images... but then what. How can I say in pictures why sitting down to dinner with your family is so important to our society?
So I switched my thoughts and focused to how "new-media" impacts children in the foster care system and went looking for images for that, but came up empty. New-Media hasn't affected any of the kids that I've worked with in the system. That might be because they are younger (2-10 years old), but for the most part it's just not part of their lives. They are concerned with if/when they'll get home to their parents, back to their friends, if the family they are put with is nice, understanding, etc (not all foster homes are good ones). New media just doesn't play a part of their lives.
I have some ideas about why I'm struggling...
1. I'm not an artist... I'm a manager of artists/people. I'm an organizer and coordinator of creative thoughts, ideas, plans, etc. The "artists" come to me with big ideas and plans and I break them down into small, achievable pieces connected with dates, times and costs so that their big idea gets done on-time and within budget.
2. I'm a very WORDY person. I communicate with my words so I feel like with this assignment my tongue has been cut out. I feel mute and I don't know how to connect new media with my passion, primarily using images.
3. I've spent about 6 hours this week on this assignment and I'm out of time. I have a full time job, a troubled teenage foster child and my own high functioning autistic teenager in my home and am about to be gone for a week of traveling for work.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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