Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creativity, Inspiration & Procrastination

Great ideas do typically just pop into my head and once I have an idea, I tend to follow a similar process as James Webb Young's principals for developing an idea (A Technique for Producing Ideas).  However my process happens pretty quick as I am like a dog with a bone and/or because I am a horrible procrastinator.  For whatever reason, once I have the idea or the "it" I work at 100mph doing my research, thinking, discussing, and working on "it" until it develops into what I want/need (or it will fizzles out and dies).  That being said, it's the initial idea that I often struggle with and the longer it takes me to figure that out, the more stressed I get, the less creative I get and typically just want to give up.  (Thus the reason I'm getting my BFA at 40 and not 24 because giving up used involve dropping a class and vowing to take it the next semester and year - procrastinating - until it's too late).

Back to Young... I like the idea of Young's principals, but he doesn't address how to get that original thought.  The first step in his process is investigation, but investigation of what?  In advertising, his field of expertise, the "it" was given to him by a client.  Toothpaste, coat, restaurant, book, jewelry, etc. were his "it" and once he had that he could apply his principals for developing a good idea or pitch or commercial or print ad, or whatever it was he needed to do with the "it".  However, what would he have done if the "it" wasn't given to him.  If he were simply instructed to, "create a great advertisement" and that was it.  I'm sure his first question would be "about what?" 

That's where at.  I'm struggling with this first independent study assignment because I don't know stuck at the starting block.  I'm thrilled to have a plan of action for developing my idea and turning it into a finished project.  I'm excited to try Young's principals too, but I can't seem to find the gun to start the race.  Practical just doesn't apply to me.  I'm not an artist (by the true definition of the word).  I like the idea of being an artist, but when I try something artsy, I just get frustrated at how imperfect it is, so I try to avoid putting myself in that situation.  That leaves social, but what?  Hmmm... gotta keep thinking on this.  I've done some research and have a few ideas, but I'm just not really excited about any of them.  Next step will involve calling on my friends.  Brainstorming is almost always a good solution when I'm stuck.
what it should be about.  I don't know what my "it" is going to be and so feel

Regardless of my "stuck-ed-ness", I really enjoyed Young's book.  Articulating a creative process in such a succinct and understandable way, is not an easy thing to do.  Being a process person myself, I really liked reading about a process to be creative, a skill I struggle with.  Young's process is very intellectual and I'm excited to apply it to my project.

So, I'm behind because I can't tell you what my project is going to be yet, but as true procrastinator, now that I'm behind, I'm sure brilliance will strike at any minute.

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